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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pantry Omelet

This evening i cooked an omelet from the stuff that was left in the pantry: Chinese cabbage, Onions, Bell Peppers and Chinese Sausage. Fortunately, it tasted real good. It was kinda sweet (from the sausages) and it was comforting too. It felt hearty, even though I put a lot of veggies. I hope you try this one at home,and enjoy it!

Prepare your ingredients, slice your veggies very thinly so you wouldn't get any huge parts of stalk (from the chinese cabbage) in your omelet
Sautee your chinese sausages in a bit of oil. Make sure not to go overboard with oil since these sausages are really fatty.
Once your sausages are cooked thoroughly, add in your bell peppers.
When your bell peppers are soft, add in your onions and cabbage. I usually season the dish at this stage. I think it also helps the veggies wilt and release moisture (from the salt)
Let the veggies wilt down
And then beat some eggs, season them, and add a little cornstarch (just to give it a little give). Pour it over your veggies.
Once the underside is done, put a plate on top of your skillet, and then flip it over. Slide in your omelet, so the "raw" part gets browned. And your omelet is done! Voila!
Serve this on your next Brunch party, and you are sure to get rave reviews!
Thank You to SOny for my Sony Cybershot w290. I took these pictures with it (gourmet mode). Absolute coolness!

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Timmy Te said...

Looks absolutely delicious, I'll try that the next time I'm cooking breakfast.