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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Drunk On Ice Cream

I saw the movie KimmyDora (which was soo totally not me, since I don't usually watch pinoy films *actually i almost never watch movies* but it was a good one) last week, with the shit from hell, ms Helver Ramones (a good friend) and i saw one of the characters pouring some brandy on his ice cream, which made me want to try it. Unfortunately, I don't have ice cream on hand, even though my dad worsk for Nestle (ice cream department). So if you've tried this, please let me know if its nice, or if its a major PHAIL! Thanks!

Vanilla Ice Cream with Kahlua. I imagine this would taste schweeet!

If i ever decide to try this for real, this is probably how I'm gonna do it: Vanilla with Bailey's! Woohoo!!! Although, I might try it with chocolate!

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