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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sikat Quatro

Last Friday, Mix FM had the fourth installment of our talent show dubbed Sikat Quatro. This "Sikat" was, IMHO the BEST Sikat ever!

The crowd was really fun, the stage wasn't chaotic at all, the hosts (including me) had fun, and were more relaxed, the games were soooper fun, and the contestants were soooper funny! And to top it all off, the performers were GREAT! We all had a great time!

Good thing I now have a digicam (thanks to Sony for my new W290 Sony Cybershot) so i snapped a couple of photos (couldn't really be the photog since I was busy as one of the hosts).

The night ended with a couple beers, thanks to Steve Mdinight!

Im uber-excited for Sikat Cinco! crossing my fingers here! :D

That's Wacky and I, for our last-minute rehearsals
That's me letting out a huge yawn, and that's Chris Chase behind me
Andi and Trevor checkin out the certificate we handed out to the performers
Our traffic angel, Sol with Wacky. I must say, she looks gorgeous here

MTS was packed that night, thanks to all the hot performers

Here's C-Shifter. They were really, really good. I think they'd make it big real soon. Plus the lead vocalist is GORGEOUS!

backstage with C-shifter

Some of the audience-members takin advantage of the Photo Wall, made possible by Sony
Sol and Ish posing with Eevee band. As usual, these guys ROCKED! that night. Real performers! Pros man, real pros!
Backstage with Prais your Planets
members from praise your planets takin a YB (yosi break)

c-shifter closed the evening with hot numbers!

All these pictures were taken with my gorgeous w290, thank you Sony! HOTTTNESS!!!

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